Message from the President, IEI

It gives me great pleasure to note that the Telangana State Centre of The Institution of Engineers (India) is hosting the 34th Indian Engineering Congress, which is the premier annual event of IEI during December 27-29, 2019 at Hyderabad. The theme selected for the Congress is “Societal Engineering – Imperatives for Nation Building”.

Societal Engineering is a concept which tries to encapsulate purpose and potential of engineering for development of the society and nation at large. This field of study is a combination of all engineering disciplines with a philosophy aimed at holistic development of society. The aim of Societal Engineering is to cater to the daily
requirement of life with powerful, quantitative and creative problem-solving skills inherent to all engineers.

By selecting such a socially relevant contemporary theme, The Institution of Engineers (India) would become the harbinger to interconnect and integrate the societal needs and advancement of engineering and technologies.

I sincerely believe that the deliberations during the Congress by doyens of industries and academic institutions will enlighten the engineers and technologists of the country to generate consciousness for a continual development of the nation without disturbing the peace and social harmony

Dr T M Gunaraja, FIE
The Institution of Engineers (India)