• Get a feel for what’s current trends in your field of engineering;
  • Know the real challenges and solutions for building a futuristic technology;
  • Identify the current trends in careers & technology for engineers;
  • Develop opportunities for collaborations and partnerships;
  • Build a vital knowledge network;
  • Visit and see the engineering marvels at exhibition.


The aim of the Colloquium is to integrate the practicing Engineers, Technologists, Academicians and Students for exchange of knowledge in various spheres of engineering disciplines. The Engineers and Technologists are inter-networked with the economic growth and ensure the uplift of social status of common man. The Congress will focus on Colloquiums intended for each of 15 engineering disciplines nurtured in IEI.

Each Colloquium intends to bring together leading members of the division to share their experiences with Corporate Members of IEI of that particular division. The outcome of the Colloquium will contribute new dimensions in planning sustainable growth of nation.
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  • Aerospace Engineering Division
  • Agricultural Engineering Division
  • Architectural Engineering Division
  • Chemical Engineering Division
  • Civil Engineering Division
  • Computer Engineering Division
  • Electrical Engineering Division
  • Electronics & Telecommunication Engg. Division
  • Environmental Engineering Division
  • Marine Engineering Division
  • Mechanical Engineering Division
  • Metallurgical & Materials Engg Division
  • Mining Engineering Division
  • Production Engineering Division
  • Textile Engineering Division