Preparation of Full Text of Paper

  • Papers should be camera-ready in MS-Word format, not exceeding 3000 words in length and should not carry more than 5 illustrations /photographs.
  • The language of the Publication is English. The mode of presentation should be in third person.
  • The Template for preparation of article is attached for ready reference of the authors.
  • SI units should be used wherever possible. Other units, if used, should be given only in parentheses preceded by SI units.
  • Mathematical symbols should be typed and care should be taken to differentiate between similar characters (e.g. 1 and I), upper and lower case letters and superscripts and subscripts.
  • Lengthy mathematical proofs and derivations and extensive test data are discouraged. If absolutely essential, they should be given as an appendix.
  • The Template of Paper can be downloaded from the link :

Guidelines for Authors

Authors intending to submit a paper for 34 th Indian Engineering Congress are advised to adhere to the guidelines as mentioned below. The papers not conforming to these guidelines may not be considered for review / publication. The full text of accepted papers will be published in the Technical Volume of the 34 th Indian Engineering Congress (with ISBN No.).

Synopsis of Paper within 500 words with maximum five key-words have to be submitted first and after acceptance of the same, full text of the Paper has to be submitted. The author should mention the Engineering Discipline of the paper.
Synopsis will be reviewed by domain experts and the decision will be communicated to those authors whose synopsis is accepted.

The IEC 2019 provides a unique opportunity for engineers and researchers to share their innovations and research in engineering and technologies to industry, R&D Establishment etc. Please visit www.

Corresponding / Presenting Author(s) have to register themselves for the 34 th Indian Engineering Congress, without which the paper will not be considered for presentation.